About Rev. Julie Renee Doering

Life does not come with an instruction manual for success, so Reverend Julie Renee has provided one for you!


America’s most gifted Master Healer, Speaker, and Author of three activation programs including; Accelerate Wealth from the Inside Out‘, ‘Beautiful from the Inside Out‘, and ‘Illumination Today‘, Reverend Julie Renee is the ultimate guide to mastering the full human experience through her laser focused direction.

‘Failure to succeed may have nothing to do with your action, and everything to do with your programming’.

She guides her audience in the implementation of movement and rest, the integration of the desired results through meditation and clearings, followed by outer action on the physical plane.

While participating in ‘Accelerate Wealth from the Inside Out’, you will rapidly magnetize the life of your dreams while permanently clearing away impediments from your personal road to riches.

Reverend Julie Renee provides a keen perspective on the inner workings of spirit and body connection, and how those inner workings direct and affect each one of us.  Her work is for everyone who wants more out of life.  She provides the new blueprint for freedom in the areas of Health, Wealth, Vitality, and Beauty.

Reverend Julie Renee

CEO of Miraculous Living   (Gable Kennedy, Inc.)